The Joye eGo-C eGo-T MEGA 2ml Type B and the eGo-C 1.1ml Type A tank system drips e-liquid directly into the atomizer. This allows a consumer to drip without the need to add liquid after every couple of puffs.

eGo-C 2ml MEGA Type B and eGo-C Type A 1.1ml uses the new Joyetech Tank Cartridge and a Tank Atomizer. The eGo-C design still uses the proven eGo double air circulation system providing a smooth consistent hit and tons of vapor.  We sell only GENUINE JOYE eGo-T's and eGo-C's we do not sell cheap CLONES or COPIES like the OTHER GUYS!  Get the REAL DEAL HERE! Click on any of the pictures below to purchase the REAL DEAL.




Review of Joye eGo-T / Joye eGo-C Starter Kit

Seems like these days the popularity of electronic cigarettes is increasing at lightning speed and trying to keep up with the best is difficult.  The market has been inundated with so many models of electronic cigarettes from just as many manufacturers, it is enough to make your head spin to try and figure out which one to purchase and get the best use from.

Of all these models, the one that stands head and shoulders above the rest is the Joye eGo-T electronic cigarette.  This particular model comes from Joyetech, the best of the manufacturers known for their quality, durability, reliability and value.

Overview of Joye eGo-T is now called the Joye eGo-C

Over the years, Joyetech has been the forerunner in the electronic cigarette industry and the Joye eGo-C is their latest foray into the market.   Because the Joye eGo-C is the latest model on the market, it comes with various advanced features that were not included with previous Joye eGo models.

Product Specifications

To make it more convenient for a new user, below are the items that make up the Joye eGo-C electronic cigarette starter kit.

(1) Instruction Manual
(5) Changeable eGo-C Atomizer Heads
(5) eGo-C / eGo-T  Tank Cartridges ready to fill
(2) eGo-C  Atomizer Cones and Bases
(2) 650 mAh Rechargeable Lithium Ion manual batteries with the new On / Off feature
(2) eGo-T / eGo-C Cartridge Tip Covers
(1) Nylon Carrying Case Pouch
(1) USB Adapter to AC Wall Outlet



Advantages of Joye eGo-T and Joye eGo-C

To familiarize you with the advantages of the Joye eGo-C eGo-T, here are just a few samples of some of them.

1.      The most attractive feature of Joye eGo-C eGo-T electronic cigarette starter kit is the batteries with the on / off feature.  With these new and improved Joye eGo-T batteries, users can enjoy increased battery life by switching off their battery when not in use.

2.      The entire unit of Joye eGo-T electronic cigarette is tapered and is elegant and sleek.

3.      The two atomizers provided in the Joye eGo-C electronic cigarette starter kit are interchangeable with the Joye eGo-T and Joye eGo.  So, Joye eGo electronic cigarette users can upgrade their and still continue to use both models at their convenience.


Because Joyetech is the leader in the electronic cigarette industry today, mainly due to their long reputation for setting the standard bar very high regarding quality, reliability and value, the purchase of a Joye eGo-C electronic cigarette can be made knowing the user is going to get the latest and best. 


JOYE eGo-C eGo-T  Click on this link to order now.


The Joye Starter Kit is the premier PV on the market today and the latest in a long line of proven quality products manufactured by Joyetech.

The Joye eGo-C  provides long battery life and superior vapor production and  uses a high quality 650 mah battery with a manual button that lights up a light ring while providing power to the high performance Joye atomizer.

Testing has shown that the  battery will last from 5-7 hours of heavy vaping and up to 72 hours of average vaping on a single battery charge. Note: This is provided for information purposes only and use can vary from user to user. This information is provided as an example of the amount of battery life and power built that has been built into this small package.




How to tell if you've got a genuine Joyetech eGo battery

Due to the number of similar appearing devices on the market, determining what is and isn’t a genuine Joyetech eGo can be confusing. To make matters even more confusing, some vendors sell non-Joyetech eGo devices with misleading names like “Ego” or “EGO”, or, even worse, falsely claim their products are Joyetech when they’re not.

Joyetech can be queried directly about the authenticity of a device by emailing

But what can you do yourself to determine if your eGo is genuine?

With a Multimeter:

If your freshly charged eGo or eGo-T, without load, meters at 3.2v – 3.4v, then it is most likely a genuine eGo. If, however, it meters at 3.7v or higher, it is not a genuine eGo or eGo-T and should not be used with a genuine Joyetech Atomizer.

Without a Multimeter:

The Name: If it’s not called an Joye eGo, Joye eGo-C or Joye eGo-T, then it is most likely not a Joytech eGo.

The Button: This is the best method we’ve found to determine the difference between genuine Joyetech eGos and non-Joyetech devices. Is the button on the side of the battery

A genuine Joyetech eGo will have a button that is clear, hard plastic with a slight indentation in the top of it.

If your eGo has this button, it most likely a genuine Joyetech and can be used with Joyetech atomizers.

How to determin it is not a genuine Joye eGo

If the button is opaque and has no indentation and feels more like soft rubber. Though button size and shape vary slightly on non-Joyetech fat batt devices (some are oval) they are typically opaque, soft rubber. Any fat batt with an opaque, soft rubber button is NOT a genuine Joyetech eGo, Joye eGo-C or eGo-T and should not be used with genuine Joyetech Atomizers.

Consumers Note: Copycat or Clone models labeled with similar names like Ego, eGO-K, Ego-W, eGo-V or EGo-Q are not made by the patented inventor and manufacturer of the Genuine Joye eGo and may not be compatible.  Genuine products are engineered to achieve a perfect balance of output, load and circuit protection.